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Supporting colleagues through menopause while respecting their privacy

Text reads "how to support menopausal colleagues by a perimenopausal 40-something"

More organisations are talking about supporting colleagues through menopause, which I believe is mostly a positive move, but I am worried that some of the support will inadvertently lead to privacy breaches, which I’ll explain below. So I pulled together…

[Video] How to support colleagues through menopause, while respecting their privacy

Picture of Clare Paterson, looking straight into the camera and smiling, a white woman in her 40s, with shoulder length curly brown hair, wearing glasses, wearing a black top and chunky silver necklace.

Hitting perimenopause in my early 40s, with young children, has been a shock to my system! In this video I share some ideas I’ve gathered from my research into supporting menopause, added to my data protection expertise, to highlight some…