Practical Advice

Aiming to give you complete reassurance and practical advice, our data protection consultancy covers all areas of person-related data.

Whether you’re looking for:

  • a Risks and Recommendations Report,
  • a review of a contract you’re entering into,
  • updated or new Policies,
  • you’re planning to launch a new service, or marketing campaign,
  • or you need help to respond to a DSAR or a complaint,

we can offer pragmatic advice and support you to manage risk and remain legal.

Email or to arrange a chat about how we can help.

When things go wrong

If things are a little more urgent– we’re only a call way, whether you’re an existing client or not. If you’re in the midst of an issue whether that’s a complaint, data request or a data breach we’re on hand to provide guidance on how to handle the situation, how to mitigate any damage and importantly how to prevent a reoccurrence.

So whether you’re planning your next move and want the data compliance angle covered, or you can feel the panic rising as an issue starts to bubble we’re here to help. Click below to book a call or Email or 

Want to book a call?

Even if you’re not an existing client, you can book a free 15-minute call for quick questions. If you need a little more time, or you need help urgently can’t find a slot available please send us an email and we will fit you in as soon as possible.

"We absolutely loved it! I love the informality of the way you run training and when you get a good group on debating and asking questions, then that benefits everyone!"

LB - Attendee at the live EDI meets Privacy Training

"I have felt such benefit from the desk top review and the VIP day - I feel my knowledge and confidence to Data protection has developed significantly! "

Kirsty McAllister - Director of Operations - TDAS

"It was interesting to understand the process and how links are developed that sometimes cause more problems. Picking the bones out of things and understanding how to piece them back together effectively is a challenge, But Clare explained the thought process behind decisions which highlighted better outcomes."

believe housing

"I worked with Clare whilst she put into place a comprehensive GDPR training and policy refresh for my organisation. Clare is organised, reliable and knowledgeable. Her presentations and policy work are excellent quality and she brings a warm and professional manner to all her work. Clare is generous with her time and knowledge and is a pleasure to work with - I highly recommend her."

Naomi - Chief Executive - JWA