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We help Social Housing providers, and other purpose-driven sectors and organisations, to build trust and fulfil their social purpose, by understanding and embedding great data-management practices.

CP Data Protection is a UK-based (in the Midlands) consultancy, specialists in clear & practical data protection advice, consultancy & training that reassures and supports rather than scares.

Book now available!

Available for a limited time at a discounted price, and with clear advice and a pragmatic approach, this is the book that our director Clare wanted and needed when working in a large housing association on data protection. As well as explaining the legal requirements, it highlights the many benefits of handling personal data in a compliant manner, including improved efficiency and increased customer trust, which both help landlords fulfil their social purpose more effectively.

This book shows how data protection can go from being seen as red tape or a blocker, to becoming the foundation on which to achieve the housing sector’s goals. It doesn’t just lay out the law; it contains actionable advice and ideas for identifying risks and controls, and embedding data protection into the day-to-day work of social housing providers.

Photo of A Practical Guide to Data Protection in Social Housing by Clare Paterson

What do we do at CP Data Protection?

  • We’re on a mission to shine a light on the benefits of data protection, which is so much more than keeping data secure (though that’s crucial too, of course!) It all starts with ‘purpose’.
  • CP Data Protection helps you build customer & employee trust and fulfil your purpose.
  • We also help you be prepared to act quickly & effectively when things go wrong.
    [Because, spoiler; they will go wrong and personal data will end up in the wrong place at some point!]
  • We wholeheartedly believe that data protection can be a positive experience; we provide expert tools, strategies, advice and training in a clear & practical style, that turn this sometimes-challenging subject into an asset for your organisation.


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We did it – the Hive went Live!

Building on the success of the free online group The Hive, we were proud to host the first in-person, all-day event; The Hive Live in September 2023. (SAVE THE DATE 3RD OCTOBER 2024 FOR THE NEXT HIVE LIVE!)

Taking the theme of ‘Blocker to Builder’ and focussing on robust ‘Knowledge & Information Management’, held in the stunning, centrally located, Cosford Air Museum in Shropshire, it was truly a day for sharing knowledge, listening, learning, planning, and meeting friends old & new, in the interactive & engaging sessions.

What people say about CP Data Protection

“CP Data Protection was highly recommended to us for data protection consultation and we were delighted with the service provided. Clare took the time to sit down and talk to us about our company, so she could help us update our Terms and Conditions, making sure they’re fully GDPR compliant as well as being easy to understand and relevant to our users.”

“I have felt such benefit from the desk top review and the VIP day – I feel my knowledge and confidence to Data protection has developed significantly!”

“It was interesting to understand the process and how links are developed that sometimes cause more problems. Picking the bones out of things and understanding how to piece them back together effectively is a challenge, But Clare explained the thought process behind decisions which highlighted better outcomes”

If you have any questions about data protection, book a free 15 mins call!

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