What are the benefits of good data protection?

As the UK Government launches its consultation on proposals to adapt – and many would say water down – the current data protection legislation, you may be left wondering “can we forget about GDPR and data protection compliance now?” In short, I would say “no”, and my slightly longer answer is “not if you want to reap the benefits of good data protection”. But what are the benefits of good data protection?

The Government’s proposals reflect what many people seem to think about data protection legislation, that it is too much ‘red-tape’, it restricts innovation, and limits opportunities. I understand that, I really do, but I think it’s based on misconceptions of what data protection is really all about.

Myths about data protection

There are so many urban myths about data protection in general and about the GDPR in particular. These range from the fact you need consent to process any personal data, to the likelihood of being fined millions and that you can’t help people in need due to DP laws. They are perpetuated by (poorly researched) news articles, (a specific type of) consultants, and (in my opinion) the current consultation and the way the proposals are being presented.

To briefly address just the three myths I’ve mentioned – you don’t always need consent, you’re not likely to be fined millions of pounds unless you do something pretty huge and have a huge turnover, and you absolutely can help people in need!

Benefits of data protection

More than dispelling the myths, I’m passionate about sharing the benefits of good data protection. Here are 5 business benefits of following robust data protection practices and governance:

  1. Increase efficiency
  2. Build customer trust
  3. Reduce risks of harm to customers
  4. Prevent discrimination
  5. Protect your resources, both time and money

What are your values?

Registered Providers and other organisations with a social purpose are based on values that are completely aligned with good data protection, even if you don’t immediately recognise it (possibly because ‘data protection’ has a bad reputation.)

Would you be surprised to hear that the following values are either directly mentioned or paraphrased in the data protection legislation?

Accuracy, fairness, transparency, accountability, proportionality, security, openness, human rights.

Find out about the Programme

If you’re in social housing and would be interested in the resources and coaching to build a robust framework to support these values and enjoy the benefits of good data protection practices and governance, please click here to see how we use our specialist expertise to support RPs: https://cpdataprotection.com/housing-association/ 

If you have any questions about data protection, either about governance frameworks or anything else related to personal data, book a free call!

Clare draws on over 20 years of experience in risk management and quality assurance, including ten years in data protection, to provide clear and practical advice and training.

Don’t tell everyone (shh!) but Clare’s favourite sector is social housing, having worked in a large housing association for 12 years, although she loves to support all values-led organisations.

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