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What do people say about CP Data Protection training?

The training helped with the way I look at giving advice especially getting to the bottom of why we need new projects, procedures. Also helps with having those conversation with those involved, to help them and us make sure that what they are doing will help the organisation. I would recommend this training to everyone.”

“I first met Clare when she provided training to my colleagues and I at a previous organisation, I came away thinking what an interesting subject Data Protection is. I think that shows how amazing her training style truly is – not many people come out of a Data Protection Training session and decide that’s the career path they want to take! I love Clare’s approach to training, it’s not death by PowerPoint; she takes the time to talk things through and always applies examples specific to the audience’s job role.”

“I really enjoy the Hive sessions, you’ve got it just right. It’s a great place for people to share experiences in what can be a lonely world. Particularly enjoyed today’s session as I have little experience with FOIA but gave me some good tips to start shouting about. Thank you.”

“After seeing the Blocker to Builder session by Clare and Luke [Beckley], we went away and totally changed our approach to recruitment– we realised that instead of looking for candidates with data protection knowledge, we would be better off focusing our search for staff who had the right sort of skills.”