Why choose us to provide your data protection training?

We know what it’s like to work in-house and the challenge of implementing data protection, so our training is designed to make your life easier, providing tips and toolkits you can use in your own work, all explained in a clear and practical way, with a friendly and relaxed approach.

Our director, Clare Paterson, has over 20 years of experience in quality assurance and risk management, including around ten years specialising in data protection and 12 years in a large housing association.

Clare launched CP Data Protection to offer accessible, real-world advice and training that supports rather than scares you, and is especially passionate about helping values-led organisations fulfil their purpose and build trust with customers and other stakeholders.

Clare Paterson

What do people say about CP Data Protection training?

“Clare is fantastic and engaging. The training helped with the way I look at giving advice especially getting to the bottom of why we need new projects, procedures. Also helps with having those conversation with those involved, to help them and us make sure that what they are doing will help the organisation. I would recommend this training to everyone.”

Georgina - Records and Data Rights Lead at believe housing

Fab session, always good to hear Clare’s logical advice and thoughts on Data Protection.

The Purpose Paradox Attendee

“Clare is friendly, professional and flexible. She applies her expert knowledge to provide practical examples that you can apply to your working day. Nothing is too much or too big of a question, I can’t think of a time I asked Clare a question that she didn’t know the answer to. I always come away from a conversation with Clare with a clear answer and never left confused. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Clare for the past 3 years and hope there are many more to come.

I first met Clare when she provided training to my colleagues and I at a previous organisation, I came away thinking what an interesting subject Data Protection is. I think that shows how amazing her training style truly is – not many people come out of a Data Protection Training session and decide that’s the career path they want to take! I love Clare’s approach to training, it’s not death by PowerPoint; she takes the time to talk things through and always applies examples specific to the audience’s job role.”

Laura - Orbit

“I worked with Clare whilst she put into place a comprehensive GDPR training and policy refresh for my organisation. Clare is organised, reliable and knowledgeable. Her presentations and policy work are excellent quality and she brings a warm and professional manner to all her work. Clare is generous with her time and knowledge and is a pleasure to work with – I highly recommend her.”

Naomi - JWA

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