Data Protection Essentials for Small Businesses

If you’re self-employed, a sole trader, an entrepreneur, the owner/Director of a company that consists of just a few people, the Small Business Data Protection Essentials are for you.

Whether you’re a creative, an IT specialist, a Virtual Assistant, a coach, consultancy, supplier of any sort, or whatever sector you work in, you should know about your data protection legal obligations and risks, and how to handle them.

The Essentials include: A legally-compliant Privacy Notice; A Data Processing Agreement template, which is (UK)GDPR-compliant and provides you with legal protection that often gets overlooked; and a comprehensive Data Protection handbook for referring to whenever you need to.

You can choose the best option for you, depending on your budget and how much you are comfortable doing yourself:


Why chose our Data Protection Essentials for your business?

Our Small Business Data Protection Essentials are especially designed for the smallest of businesses, and the self-employed. You don’t need reams of documentation or in-depth training, but you do need to protect yourself and your business from a potentially costly (in terms of time, money, harm and reputation) breach of data protection law. The Essentials are in plain English and not over-complicated with information you don’t need. 

Our Director, Clare Paterson, has over 20 years of experience in quality assurance and risk management, including around ten years in data protection and 12 years in a large housing association. Clare launched CP Data Protection to offer accessible, real-world advice and training that supports rather than scares you. 

Clare Paterson

"We absolutely loved it! I love the informality of the way you run training and when you get a good group on debating and asking questions, then that benefits everyone!"

LB - Attendee at the live EDI meets Privacy Training

"I have felt such benefit from the desk top review and the VIP day - I feel my knowledge and confidence to Data protection has developed significantly! "

Kirsty McAllister - Director of Operations - TDAS

"It was interesting to understand the process and how links are developed that sometimes cause more problems. Picking the bones out of things and understanding how to piece them back together effectively is a challenge, But Clare explained the thought process behind decisions which highlighted better outcomes."

believe housing

"I worked with Clare whilst she put into place a comprehensive GDPR training and policy refresh for my organisation. Clare is organised, reliable and knowledgeable. Her presentations and policy work are excellent quality and she brings a warm and professional manner to all her work. Clare is generous with her time and knowledge and is a pleasure to work with - I highly recommend her."

Naomi - Chief Executive - JWA